When are your Trainings?

Tuesday training

At Stade de la Plaine (13 rue du Général Guillaumat 75015 Paris) from 8.30 pm (start of the warm-up) to 10 pm. Subway : Porte de Versailles (line 12) or Porte de Vanves (line 13). Tramway : Georges Brassens (T3) or Bus 89 (Théâtre de la Plaine)

Friday training

The Training is on friday 6.30 to 8.30 pm in Paris at the Suzanne Lenglen stadium on a soccer field next to the tennis area : Metro Balard or Tram 2 (stop Suzanne Lenglen). Training will commence on September 7th.


In addition to regular training, we have an optional training on Wednesday every week at Stade Carpentier with a personal trainer.

For more informations, don't hesitate to contact us !

Weights room

If you are a member of Paris Cockerels, you also have access to a private gym in Paris 13ème for a heavily discounted price :)

When does the season begin?

The season starts in September and ends around May/June. We have a mid-season break between December and January.


"I don't speak a word of French, will I be lost?"

No worries, we have Aussies, Germans and French in our team. Our coach is an Aussie :)


"I'm an Aussie but I have never play Footy, could I come and try?" / "Do you accept beginners?"

No worries mate, you are not the only one in this case :) You are more than welcome :)


"How many matches do you have?"

We have a Championship & a French Cup: you can see the regular season matches in the "Competition" tab. In addition to regular season matches, we play the odd international friendly match. If you are an European Team who would like to have a match in Paris, don't hesitate to contact us :)



"I have missed the start of the season, can I still play?"  

No dramas at all. We are always looking for the latest addition to the Cockerels family.


"I'm not able to come to every training due to other commitments, is this a problem?"

Though we encourage our players to train whenever possible, we understand that our players are unable to be present at every training session.


How can I be a member of your team?

Firstly, come and try !

Secondly, some paperwork to do ! Membership is easy! All we require is a recent  medical certificate , your membership form  and the membership fee.

Membership for the season is €90.

Welcome !