Dulchain Alexandre
Position Ruck
Numéro de maillot 38
Taille 183 cm
Poids 75 kg
Date de naissance 13/12/1991
Date d’arrivée 2016
Matches 0


How did you come to learn about Australian Rules Football?

I showed up in Paris cockerels because of Bouchet GwenMou and Pierre erra, they teased me about a "weird sport from Australia".  Actually I still don't know all the rules of Australian football. I'm still trying to understand what I can do on the field.

What other sports do you play and what do you like most about Australian Rules?

I played soccer, tennis, american football one year and boxing.

Do you have any nicknames that we should know about?  Any stories behind these?

Some friends call me laDulche but it's not easy to call on a field!