Cowan Michael
Position Midfielder
Numéro de maillot 99
Taille 170 cm
Poids 70 kg
Date de naissance 25/05/1985
Date d’arrivée 2015
Matches 0


Who do you barrack for and why?

I barrack for 3 teams in total.  1st team is West Coast Eagles because I come from Perth and grew up barracking for them.  2nd team is the Hawks because of the team spririt and philosophy.  I also like the team colours.  3rd team is Richmond, old traditions and an old tradie of mine got me liking the team, because of his passion and dedication for the team even though they were always losing and the fact that he lived in Perth.  I also like their colours too!


Where did you play your football before the Cockerels?

I played for 3 teams previous to the Cockerels.  1st High school team Swan Christian College. 2nd Innaloo Bulldogs WAAFL D Division.  3rd West Coast Cowan City Beach, WAAFL B then A division after winning the granny (Grand Final) and getting promoted.


Previous Nicknames? Any stories on those?

Cowan due to it being my last name and Mad Mike in reference to me diving and attacking the ball in the ruck without a care.  Though that's not always the case these days. LOL.